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Bienvenidos a EN_Univision! A community of Spanglish viewers who enjoy the Latin TV channel, Univision.

Here you will find posts regarding the television channel de Univision. Subjects such as TV Shows, Music, News, Sports, Gossip and possibly Religion will be discussed over by members who's interests are based on said subjects.

This is a place where you can relax, and debate hang out with people who have the same interests as you.

Note: Although this community is Spanglish, you do not have to be latino to join or post, if you watch the TV channel and enjoy it, it's more than enough reasons to join and interact with us.

[Basic Rules:]

[x] Respect individual's opinion. We might discuss/make posts about our hated TV stars, and maybe try to defend the ones we love. It is forbidden to insult fellow Livejournalists. So please, if you must defend your opinion, do so, just do not do it by weighing members down, it will not be permitted.

[x] Respect your fellow members and mods, we're trying our best to keep this a fun community.

[x] When posting an entry with extreme adult language please use an LJ cut, and warn us ahead of time. Some of us might not appreciate too much bad language.

However, assuming most of our members are adult-like and not immature, light language is permitted without a cut or a warning on the post.

[x] Do not spam us with incessant Livejournal Community Advertisements, especially if they have nothing to do with our community.

If it is related to Univision's programs or music groups, then it's an automatic acception. ;)

[x] Play nice. We like having fun with comments and words, after all, our latin race and language is full of playful/humorous talk, but let's not go over board. Hence, play nice.

[x] Talking about Univision's sponsers and or the sponsers commercials (as funny as it may sound) is acceptional. If ever the case is present, you'll know it's okay to make posts about them.

[x] Lastly, please, please try to type clearly when posting an entry on the community. If I see too much L33t on a page or to much "lol"'s like this:

"omglolomglol!@!!!111111 Nyurka t0t477y r0ck55555 lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I will ask you to clean it up.

[x] When commenting, messiness/sloppiness is alright. After all, no one is perfect.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this community! Promotion is optional, and we'd love it if members mentioned En_Univision on their bios. Once again, thank you.

Your mods,
littlebratt and tu_muneca

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